Lurbel launches a new-fit version of its Faz face mask Lurbel launches a new-fit version of its Faz face mask

Lurbel launches a new-fit version of its Faz face mask

Lurbel adds a new mask with a new fastening system to its catalogue. The mask will be called Faz Urban and will be fastened with two elastic bands behind the ears and a third elastic band behind the neck.

As for the rest of its technological and structural characteristics, it’s exactly the same as the current Faz Sport model with which it will coexist, providing the market with more options and better addressing different day-to-day needs.

Two versions, same Regenactiv essence

The main added value of Lurbel's Faz face masks is their exclusive Regenactiv fabric and their exceptional construction and structure.

This is because the tissue used in Faz face masks disperses excess moisture, does not irritate the skin and is antibacterial and antifungal. That makes them the ideal ally to protect our skin from possible adverse effects of continuous mask use such as sweat, rubbing, lack of breathability and natural ventilation.

Thanks to their skin contact qualities and ergonomics enabling maximum facial coverage, the performance of these face masks is truly key even beyond sports, in areas such as work or education where we’re required to wear this accessory for long periods of time.

Free gift mask holder

The Faz Sport and Faz Urban face masks come with a free gift mask holder. These are developed in Spain using recycled polypropylene that facilitates the ventilation of the mask and can be cleaned with a cotton swab and domestic disinfectant products.

Compliance with European regulations

Both Faz Urban and Faz Sport are homologated according to European standards (CWA 17553:2020 Community face coverings), available in sizes S, M and L and now come in a new pure black colour with altered compacting that has been tested at 100 washes.

In this sense, the brand seeks to enhance the product’s durability and make it more mechanically stable in the long term and more resistant to wear. This has been successfully achieved, as after 100 washes the filtration efficiencies of Lurbel Faz Sport and Lurbel Faz Urban face masks still comply with European standards.


Official launch


Lurbel Faz Urban will be available from the 2nd October at Lurbel points of sale and from Monday 6th October at, the brand's official online shop.